Starter guide for opencart 2-0

Exploring the OpenCart Administration Panel

Go to and log in to your admin panel. The first thing you see is a dashboard showing an overview of your sales, an order and customer statistics chart, and a list of your latest orders. Now, we will do some basic setting modifications to get you started in the admin area.

opencart administration panel

General Settings:

To change the default store information, go to “System > Settings > Edit Your Store > General” tab. You can change the store name, address, owner’s name, and contact details. If you want to change the template and update the meta data go to the Store tab within Settings.

opencart general settings

Under the Local tab, you’ll find the options for the store’s default region, you can choose the front end and back-end language, change currency and units.

opencart local setting

Under Options tab you’ll see settings related to products and list view, vouchers, taxes, customer account, checkout, stock and affiliates. For the first try of OpenCart, I wouldn’t modify anything under the Options tab.

opencart option settings

If you want to change the logo and the favicon, and later edit different product image sizes, go to the Image tab.

opencart image setting

The FTP, Mail and Fraud tabs are used for advanced settings, right now, don’t bother with them. If you want to use SEO URL’s in OpenCart, go to the Server tab and enable the Use SEO URL’s option (don’t forget to rename the htaccess.txt to.htaccess in your root folder). Also you can insert your Google Analytics code under this tab, last option.

opencart server setting

Managing Your First Categories and Products

1. Opencart categories - Categories can be added or changed under “Catalog > Categories” menu. Click “Insert” button to add a new one. Open the General tab, type the category name, meta data and description.

create opencart category

Under the “Data” tab, the basic options you can edit are choosing a parent category, add SEO url, pick category image, and choose if this category should be in your main menu in the store front. The rest of the options are for advanced users.

opencart data setting

2. Opencart Articles – The basic product properties can be changed or added under “Catalog > Products” menu. To add a new one, click “Insert” button. For first time users, only the first three tabs are important to know.

The General tab covers the input fields, for product name, meta data (meta description and meta keywords), product description and keywords.

opencart article general setting

Under the Data tab, you can add a model identifier, SKU, other kinds of product codes (e.g. EAN, ISBN), product location, price, tax class, quantity, stock status, SEO URL, product image, date available from, status, and dimensions.

opencart article data setting

The “Links” tab holds the options to choose manufacturer, categories and related products. The rest of the product options are for advanced store owners, later to be discussed in a following tutorial part.

opencart article link setting