Secondary Menu

Secondary  Menu

The top menu is created in Menus > Secondary Menu and the styling (colors, fonts, etc) is done in Settings > Header > Menus > Secondary
  • 1 Store Selector – if you have a multi-store environment, this is where you apply the menu system to a particular store.
  • 2 Save – Every time you make a change, hit the Save button to apply it in the store front.
  • 3 Reset – Click this to reset your top menu to the default Opencart top menu links.
  • 4 Icon – Can add optional icons to text links.
  • 5 Icon Position – Can add the icon on either side of the link.
  • 6 Hide on Mobile – Optionally hide the link on mobile devices.
  • 7 Mobile View – Can hide the text link on mobile devices and show only the icon or vice-versa.
  • 8 Link – The actual top menu text link. Customize it to point to any page with the theme’s smart link system.
  • 9 Name Overwrite – You can rename a link but have it point to the same page.
  • 10 Open in New Tab – Optionally open the link in a new tab.
  • 11 Sort Order – Can position columns before or after each other.
flipkart theme customization

flipkart theme customization