Pointing domains registered with GoDaddy to kharedi eCommerce Server

If your domain name is registered with GoDaddy, you’ll need to change its nameservers.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account. After login you will see product dashboard as below,


  1. Next to Domains, click Manage DNS.  Once it get’s open, Scroll down and look for ” Nameservers”.  Click on “Change” button.


3. Select “Custom ” from choose your now nameserver type. and update below nameserver provided by kharedi.in on purchase of Pro-Plan.

For Pro-Plan user, name servers are as below (Note : Trial Users will have different nameserver, kindly check your email or Call)

Name Server 1: ns2.bh-14.webhostbox.net

Name Server 2: ns1.bh-14.webhostbox.net

copy and save, it will take maximum 24 hour to propagate on server.