Next topic in our Opencart 2.0 tutorial series is about Opencart Filters. Filter is a key feature in Opencart, it allows your users to filter products according to their references. Opencart Filter is very flexible search tool and easy to extend or customize to meet users requirement and help users find products they want. The filter can even display searching options differently in each page based on content of the page.

Create New Opencart Filter Group and Filters

From your Opencart back-office, go to: Catalog > Filters then click on the Insert button to open the panel which allows us to create new filter­ group and filters.

Filter Group Name is the title to distinguish the filters when you have many sets of filters.

create opencart filer

Next, add filters for the Filter group. Once done, click on the Save button to commit the changes.

Assign Filters to Categories and Products

We’re done with filter group and associated filters creation, now, let’s assign the filters to the relevant category and products.

Assign Filters to a Category

Open the editing page of Opencart category you want to assign filters to. In the “Data” tab setting, you will see the “Filters” fields. So you can select the values by just typing a few letters. After assigning all the filters for the category, hit the Save button to commit the changes.

assign filters to category

In the front-page of the category, you will have a filter with 3 filters assigned from the back-office.

Assign Filters to Opencart Products

Now we need to assign filters to each product to be filtered by Opencart filter module. Go to: Catalog > Products and edit the product you want. Under the Links tab you’ll see the Filter field. Select the filters for the product and save the settings.

assign filters to product

Do the same way to assign filters for other products. Also, you can assign more than one filter to the same product if needed.

Install and Enable Opencart Filter Module

We’re almost done with the setup! The last thing is installing and enabling the Opencart filter module and assign it to the appropriate layout in the front­end. Go to Extensions > Modules and install the Filter module.

install and enable opencart filter module

After the Filter module is installed successfully, click on the Edit button to open the module configuration page, enable the Filter module then save the settings.

install and enable opencart filter module

In this tutorial, we just display the Filter module in the “Category” layout page so when a user browse the products by category, the “Filters” module will be helpful in filtering out the products. Go to: System > Design > Layout, find the “Category” layout and edit it.

opencart layout

In the configuration of the Category layout, add new module and assign “Filter” module, select position to display the module in the layout.

add filter module

How the Opencart Filter works in Front-page

The setup is done, it’s time to check how the Filters work in the fron­t-end. In the front-end, go to the category page that we assigned filters to and you should see the Refine Search block on the left sidebar.

opencart filter

So as you can see, it’s a really nice-looking block showing the different filter options, with the total number of products available in each filter. Just select the filters and click on Refine Search to see the filtered product listing.