How to configure ccavenue for oc 2.3.2

For oc V.2.3.2

Go click on the Extensions option and select the payments option.
Step 1: Now install the CCAvenue module.
Step 2: After completing the installation process click on the edit option.
Step 3: Now set the Merchant Id, Encryption Key and Access Code given by CCAvenue at module and active it by following these easy steps:
A) Sort Order: As you desire. e.g.-0001
B) Total: set 1 or as you want to set minimum order amount.
C) Order Status Completed: Processing .
Order Status Failed: Cancelled .
Order Status Pending: Pending .
Step 04: Then click on the save button for saving the page.
Step 05: Now your installation process is done completely.
Step 06: Now go to the products page and place an order of your choice.
Step 107: At the time of checkout you will get the option of paying through CCAvenue MCPG. Click on that and accept the terms and conditions field then place the order.
Step 08: After placing the order if it is a success then you will see the successful message.