How to Add Top and Sub Categories

  1. Log into your admin panel and go to Catalog -> Categories, click Add new button:


  1. Under Category -> Generaltab input your category name, category description, meta tag title, etc. (category name and meta tag title must be added in all languages available):

Now open Category -> Data

Keep  “ Parent Category” leave as it is. ( if it is a  sub category choose parent category). 

Next “Filters” leave as it is,

Next: “Store” leave as it is,

Next is ” SEO Keyword” : use keyword related to category without space, u can use “-“ to fill the space. 

Next “Image”- Choose any image,

Next  “Top” : tick this for top category   and untick if it is a sub-category.

Next : Columns – Leave as it is

Next Sort order if you want it to sort by alphabetical order.

Last “Status”  Enable

Once done – save the changes:


If you are using theme, just read this article :