How do I add Weight Based Shipping

Adding weight based shipping is a fantastic way to calculate the costs of sending items to your customers, OpenCart calculates the weight based shipping price based on the TOTAL weight in the users shopping trolley on checkout.

To set-up Weight Based Shipping login to your OpenCart Admin Control Panel e.g.

OpenCart Admin Login

Then navigate to Extensions -> Shipping, then click the Weight Based Shipping “+” button at the bottom to install the extension (If not already installed). Once installed scroll down and click the Weight Based Shipping edit button to begin the process.

OpenCart Weight Based Shipping

So you should now be presented with a screen similar to the one below, If you have setup Tax Classes you can configure the Weight Based Shipping against a Tax Class of your choice, you can leave it as “— None —” to apply to all Tax Classes.


Now set the Weight Based Shipping status to “Enabled” and then click the “UK Shipping Tab” you can now begin setting up shipping prices based on the TOTAL WEIGHT of the shopping trolley on users checkout.

For Example: If the total weight for the users shopping cart is 5 Kilogram and your price is £9.50 then it would be displayed like this: “5” being the total weight in Kilograms, £9.50 being the total price for that weight and the colon “:” to separate both values e.g. weight:cost


Please note that OpenCart rounds up the weight so If you have a trolley weighing 4.5 kilogram then the user would be charged the 5 kilogram weight which in our demo is £9.50

Please see our examples below.

  • A trolley weighing a total of 10 kilogram or less for £5.00 would be 10:5.00
  • A trolley weighing between 11 and 20 kilograms for £10 would be 20:10.00
  • A trolley weighing more than 40 kilograms or less for £30 would be 40:10.00

It’s IMPORTANT you set the MAXIMUM shopping trolley weight price to 999999:100.00 so anything above your specified weights will still be charged.
To specify multiple Shipping Rates inside the text field do as follows separating each weight:price with a comma.

10:5.00, 20:10.00, 40:10.00, 999999:100.00


Once your done, change the Status to “Enabled” to use your new shipping rates, You can then do the same for “UK VAT Zone” if you wish.
To use your new weight based shipping you must now add the weight to the products your selling, these can be found under the Products Data Tab as shown below.