Footer menu, edit footer social links.

Footer is made of rows and columns and is fully customizable with support for unlimited content. You can create any number of rows with as many links or html content as you need.

The footer menu is created in Footer > Menu and the styling (colors, fonts, etc) is done in Settings > Footer

By default the Flipkart footer  rows are as below, you can edit it as per your containt.



  • 1 Store Selector – if you have a multi-store environment, this is where you apply the footer system to a particular store.
  • 2 Save – Every time you make a change, hit the Save button to apply it in the store front.
  • 3 Reset – Click this to reset your footer to the default Opencart links.
  • 4 Row Type – There are 2 types of rows: Columns (for text links and html content) and Contacts for icon based items (with optional tooltips).
  • 5 Items per Row – Can indicate here how many columns should there be displayed in a single row, for each resolution.
  • 6 Sort Order – Can position columns before or after each other.
  • 7 Column Type – Once you create a row of type Columns and add you first column, it’s time to choose what type of column it is. There are 2 options: Menu (for text links with optional icons) or HTML (for any html content).
  • 8 Column Title – Can customize every column’s title.
  • 9 Icon – Can add optional icons to text links.
  • 10 Link – The actual footer text link. Customize it to point to any page with the Flipkart smart link system.
  • 11 Name Overwrite – You can rename a link while still pointing to the same page.
  • 12 Open in New Tab – Optionally open the link in a new tab.


The Contacts row type allows you to create larger icons with additional text alongside or inside a tooltip.

  • 1 Position – The icons can be positioned on both sides of the footer. To have a single group of icons in the center of the footer, turn ON the Center Icons Display¬†option in Settings > Footer > Contacts Bar > Center Icons Display. This option will disable the icons on the right and push the ones on the left to the center.
  • 2 Icon – Add an icon to your contact menu.
  • 3 Name – The optional text displayed alongside the icon or in a tooltip.
  • 4 Show as Tooltip Display the optional text in a tooltip.
  • 5 Link – The page your item should point to.