We are here to give you, the OpenCart lovers great news: OpenCart version 2.0 (OpenCart 2.0) has been released on October 1, 2014 after a long time for refinement as you might know. And here are the most 10 exited new features come in the new version of Opencart.

The most 10 exited new features of OpenCart 2

OpenCart 2 is expected to bring Open Source e-commerce platform to new height. The new version comes with tons of improvements and new features. The code base is much better, cleaner. The intuitive dashboard will make site maintenance much easier and many other great things. In this blog, we will list outthe best 10 new features of Opencart version 2.

Fully responsive design

responsive design

It’s not Mobile support, it’s responsive now. Your OpenCart site will look pretty in all devices: Desktop, Tablet and mobile. I am sure that this is the most expected feature from all OpenCart lovers.

Bootstrap 3 integration

Bootstrap 3 integration

OpenCart version 2 integrates the latest Bootstrap 3 at core. Now your store becomes sleek, intuitive and powerful than ever on both desktop and mobile devices.

Font awesome support

Font Awesome support

Imagine that you can take advantage of Advanced CSS font collection of 400+ icons called Font Awesome. Just add the icon class and you got the cool icon displayed in your site.

OCmod – virtual file modification

The feature allows you to make modification of your website without changing the core files. No more separate installation required as OCmod is integrated at core of Opencart 2. The feature is to prevent the loss of user’s customization when upgrading.

For more detail, please check it out OpenCart modification system documentation →

Intuitive Dashboard

Instuitive Dashboard

We call it INTUITIVE as it helps you focus on what is important: sale analytics, people online. It’s also more friendly and easier to interact with your system. The horizontal menu is now replaced with the vertical one for a smart navigation.

Extension Installer

extension installer

OpenCart 2 makes theme and extension installation much more easier with the brilliant built-in Extension installer. No more override file via FTP, this brings you to the faster and more accurate installation process. After uploading theme/extension, you will see list of files that will be overridden when you proceed with the installation.

More payment gateways included by default

OpenCart version 1.x already support 20+ payment gateways, in the new version of OpenCart, a lot of payment gateways are added at core, the total payment gateways it supports now is 30+

  • Amazon Payments
  • BluePay Redirect (Requires SSL)
  • First Data EMEA Connect (3DSecure enabled)
  • First Data EMEA Web Service API
  • Free Checkout
  • Payza
  • PayPal Pro iFrame
  • Web Payment Software
  • Secure Trading Web Service

Event notification system

notification system

Maintaining a website is a hard work as you have a lot of things to care about. This becomes easier with Event Notification system that help to insert notification when an action take places with event function. The Notification includes:

  • How many orders are in which status ?
  • How many new customers are waiting for approval ?
  • How many products are out of stock ?
  • How many reviews are pending ?

API integrated

The API is to integrate your site to third party extension (3rd extension) platform. For example, creating iOS and Android application of the website or connect the data to a CMS website.

MaxMind Fraud Detection System for Security

Maxmind fraund detection system

Opencart 2.0 comes with MaxMind Fraud Detection System integrated by default. MaxMind is a service which identifying risky orders to be held for further review. It detects the fraud orders based on the high risk IP address, high risk email, high risk device, or anonymizing proxy.

If you want to use this Just register at MaxMind and paste the key in the Frund Setting inside your Opencart 2 setting panel.