Enable Filter, Options on category page – Filter by Price, Brand, Size, Color

General Options

The Super Filter module is an advanced Ajax product filtering system which can filter products by Price, Category, Brand, Options and Attributes.

The Super Filter module can be used on category type layouts (Category, Manufacturers, Search, Special) in the following positions:

  • Column Left
  • Column Right
This is the page where you create the module. Additional styling for the Super Filter is done in Settings > Modules > Super Filter.

  • 1 Module Name – This is the module name that will appear on the Add to Layout page.
  • 2 Show Reset Button - Optionally show the reset button in the top right corner.
  • 3 Price Filter - Optionally show the price filter section.
  • 4 Tax Class - If the price filter is enabled, apply the tax class associated with your products.
  • 5 Categories – This will display all subcategories assigned to the category page you’re currently on.
  • 6 Brands - This section will display all available brands.
  • 7 Options - In this sections you will see options created in Catalog > Options. Only options of types Select, Radio, Checkbox and Image can be filtered.
  • 8 Attributes – The module will display your attributes (created in Catalog > Attributes) in separate sections with all assigned attributes. Only attributes already assigned to products can be filtered.
  • 1 List – Will only display the name.
  • 2 Image - Will only display the image.
  • 3 Both - Will display both the name and the image.
  • 4 OFF - Turn off the current filter section.
  • 5 Multi / SingleMulti allows you to select multiple options showing the filtered results of all selected (like a checkbox), while Single will only show the results of the currently selected option (like a radio button).
  • 6 Sort – This allows you to position filter sections above or below each other in the side column.

Sample Module