Edit / add Headline text

General Options

The Headline Rotator module can display text based content usually displayed in bold big letters such as call to action messages or headlines. It’s fully customizable with custom colors and fonts and has support for custom call to action buttons.

The Headline Rotator module can be added to any layout in all positions.

To create a Headline Rotator module access it and click on the Create New button

Additional styling for the Headline Rotator is done in Settings > Modules > Headline Rotator.


  • 1 Module Name – This is the module name that will appear on the Add to Layout page.
  • 2 Transition Delay – The time each headline item stays visible before moving to the next one.
  • 3 Background Settings – The headline item background color or image/pattern.
  • 4 Font – The headline font. Inherits from Body.
  • 5 Text Align – The alignment of the headline text.
  • 6 Bullets – Show navigation bullets that represent each headline item.
  • 7 Disable on Mobile – Optionally disable the module on mobile devices.


Top / Bottom Settings


  • 1 Background – Background Settings for the Top or Bottom container holding the module.
  • 2 Fullwidth – Can make the module fullwidth to extend to 100% of the browser width, past the limits of the site container.
  • 3 Margin – Optionally add top and bottom margins to the module.

These options only apply if you add the module to the Top or Bottom positions.


Headline Item


  • 1 Item Name – This will appear in the blue title bar (admin only) for each text block.
  • 2 Headline Text – The headline or call to action text.
  • 3 Headline Icon – Optional icon added inline with the text.
  • 4 Call to Action Button – Optional button that can point to any page.
  • 5 Button Text – The text that appears in the button.
  • 6 Button Icon – Optional button icon.
  • 7 Link – The page your button should point to.
  • 8 Open in New Tab – Opens the link in a new tab.
  • 9 Button Position – Render the button on the left before the headline text, on the right of the text or center which is below the text.
  • 10 Button Offset – If the button is not aligned precisely by default you can adjust it a few pixels to position it just right.
  • 11 Status – Can turn the headline item on/off.
  • 12 Sort Order – Can reposition headline items before or after each other.