Display Product, Category, Brands at home page,

General Options

The Custom Sections module allows you to display items (products, categories, brands) in a grid format with the ability to indicate how many items should be visible in a row. The module supports single and multiple sections, each with its own set of items.

The Custom Sections module can be added to any layout in the following positions:

  • Top
  • Content Top
  • Content Bottom
  • Bottom

To create a Custom Sections module access it and click on the Create New button on the Add to Layout page, then refer to the explanations below to understand what they do.

This is the page where you create the module. Additional styling for the Custom Sections is done in Settings > Modules > Custom Sections.

  • 1 Module Name – This is the module name that will appear on the Add to Layout page.
  • 2 Module Type – Indicate what type of Custom Sections module you want to create. You can showcase Products, Categories or Brands. The Category type will display category images from Catalog > Categories > Data > Image. The Brand type will display the brand images (logos) from Catalog > Manufactures > Image.
  • 3 Items per Row - Indicate how many items (products, categories or brands) you want visible per row for each resolution. Resize your browser down to see how the module adapts to each breakpoint. Adjust all sliders to achive your desired layout for each resolution.
  • 4 Show Title – You can hide the title bar if you just want to display a simple grid of items.
  • 5 Disable on Mobile – Optionally disable the module on mobile devices.

Top / Bottom Settings
  • 1 Background – Background Settings for the Top or Bottom container holding the module.
  • 2 Fullwidth - Can make the module fullwidth to extend to 100% of the browser width, past the limits of the site container.
  • 3 Margin – Optionally add top and bottom margins to the module.

These options only apply if you add the module to the Top or Bottom positions.
  • 1 Section Title – This is the title that will appear in your store for each section. If you don’t write a title you will see Not Translated so give each section a title.
  • 2 Section Type – This is where you indicate what products the module will display. You can automatically populate sections with products from the default Opencart modules such as Featured, Bestsellers, Specials, Latest any Category or Brand, as well as Random products from your entire store or a particular category, and of course Custom products added one by one. The Custom Sections module now offers the ability to use the title as a link or menu item. You can use it to point users to a more detailed page or you could build an entire module just with links and use it as an additional menu system.
  • 3 Module Type – If you chose Module in the Section Type above you can now choose which set of products should be automatically added to your section. If you choose Category, Brand, Random or Custom you will be presented with the auto-complete selector which automatically finds the source for you. Note that the Featuredmodule type is dependend on the Opencart Featured module found in Extensions > Modules > Featured. If that module is not installed and does not have a set of products added to it, it won’t work here either. The Featured module is thus redundant because it’s based on products added manually in the Opencart module which you could manually add here in a Custommodule type which you can name Featured.
  • 5 Status - Turn the section on/off.
  • 5 Default Section – Indicate whether this section should be the one automatically selected (by default all products from all sections are visible in a large grid).
  • 6 Item Limit – Limit the number of products displayed. For example you have a section type Random and only want to show 5 random products.
  • 7 Sort Order – Move sections before or after other sections.