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Why would you ever want to set up a Facebook Store to sell on Facebook? Well, Facebook has over 1.28 billion active users every single month.

Let’s say you can target just 100,000 active Facebook users, this can have a meaningful impact for your business.

And, Facebook is still growing quite rapidly, so your pool of potential customers is also growing.

If you don’t have your own online store yet, you should probably get one started to grow your online business.

So What is a Facebook Store?
Facebook allows you to set up a store on your Facebook Page to sell products. Facebook Page is a dedicated page that you can set up for your business, so it is different your personal Facebook account.

I won’t go into how to set up a Facebook Page for your business here, but there are plenty of good step-by-step guides if you just search for them on Google.

Once you have your own Facebook Page set up, you can actually set up your Facebook store as one of the tabs on your Page.

Engaging your Facebook community is an excellent way to grow your business, since Facebook makes it super easy for you to target users with specific interests, and it also makes sharing (viral marketing) of your content much easier than anywhere else.

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Create your ecommerce website with kharedi ecommerce platform add domain and your details and complete the process.  Once your store is live, install StoreYa facebook app (its free) or ask to kharedi support team to install it for you. once its done, your can sell your product from your website on facebook too

Facebook Store DemoFacebook Store Demo