Add Fullscreen Slider, Background image, Add Banner on Category or product page

General Options

The Fullscreen Slider is a powerful module that allows you to create fullscreen slideshows on any page. You can create a global module for all pages or different slideshows for different pages.

Image Dimensions

The Fullscreen Slider module scales your images to fill the entire browser window, no matter the resolution. Typical image dimensions are 1600×800 but they can be bigger or smaller as the module proportionally resizes the image and crops the excess that falls outside the window.

The Fullscreen Slider module can be added to any layout but it doesn’t use positions because it’s added relative to the body element, behind all other content on your page.

To create a Fullscreen Slider module access it and click on the Create New button on the Add to Layout page, then refer to the explanations below to understand what they do. For an explanation of the Add to Layout page click here.

  • 1 Module Name – This is the module name that will appear on the Add to Layout page.
  • 2 Transition - Apply the transition from once image to another.
  • 3 Transition Speed – The speed of the slide transition.
  • 4 Transition Delay – The duration a slide is visible before advancing to the next one.
  • 5 Transparent Overlay – Optionally display a semi-transparent pattern (diagonal lines or dots). Used for effect in Fullscreen Slider and can be used to mark lower resilutoin images.
  • 6 Disable on Mobile – Optionally disable the module on mobile devices (recommended on the Fullscreen Slider module).

  • 1 Image - The actual image for the module.
  • 2 Status – Can turn the image on/off
  • 3 Sort Order – Can sort the order of images if you have a slideshow with many images you decide to move on in front on anther.