About Flipkart Setting Menu

Settings All theme visual settings such as colors, fonts, icons, show/hide, etc. are found in the Settings menu.

Menus are created globally per store. If you have a multi-store environment you will see the Store Selector in the header section. Click on Menus or Footer in the left hand menu for more info on each.

Modules are created per layout (or page). flipkart 2 supports 3 column layout and you can place modules on any supported position. The available positions are Top, Content Top, Content Bottom, Column Left, Column Right, Bottom


Site Layout

flipkart is 100% fluid responsive and is based on a rows an columns concept that allows for full layout customizability. The layout can be used in both Boxed or Fullwidth modes and supports any site width from 1024 to 1920 in 2 pixel increments. Site layout settings are found in Settings > Global > General > Layout